Sleeping Dogs-based 'Triad Wars' announced

United Front Games has confirmed that it is working on another game set in the "Sleeping Dogs universe."

In a post on the company blog, UFG says that the recent "Triad Wars" trademark applications are for a Sleeping Dogs game, and that they're once again working with Square Enix. It will share more information sometime in 2014. It's careful not to call this a sequel, though, so that could mean a new story or even a different genre. All we know is that it's set in that fiction.

According to Square's financials, the publisher was banking on Sleeping Dogs hitting 2-2.5 million copies, but it fell short of that goal at only 1.75 million. Regardless, that's significantly closer to its goal than Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution reached, so Square must still see some value in the brand.