The Last of Us first DLC is multiplayer maps

If you're itching for more of the lovely The Last of Us, good news: Naughty Dog is finally starting to reveal more of its DLC plans. Unfortunately, the first DLC release will be a multiplayer map pack in October. You'll need to wait a few months for more single-player fun. The 'Abandoned Territories Map Pack' will arrive on October 15 with four new maps, a post on the PlayStation.Blog reveals. Suburbs has a dust storm swirling around, Hometown is set at night, Bookstore boasts vertical action, and Bus Depot's unique feature is giraffes. The developer neglected to mention how much it'll cost by itself. As for the DLC you actually want, Naughty Dog describes the single-player add-on as "an ambitious story with strong ties into the narrative of The Last of Us." With a new character cast, the developer starts motion capture next week and hopes to release it around December or January. After that, the third DLC will come in the first half of 2014, though it sounds like Naughty Dog hasn't quite settled what it'll bring. For people who buy the $20 DLC Season Pass, Naughty Dog is also bunging in 60 head items to wear in multiplayer. They'll be sold separately too.

A peek at the four new multiplayer maps