Craft your own spells in Lichdom in summer 2014

Say, how'd you fancy a first-person spell-slinging fantasy action-RPG built upon CryEngine? That's the general idea of Lichdom, coming to PC in summer 2014. Though it was revealed long ago, let's go along with developer Xaviant's charade that it was only announced yesterday, and enjoy a new trailer.

For some fantasy reason or another, Lichdom has you murdering loads of men and monsters. Sure! Interestingly, though, it focuses on magic, and lets you craft your own spells.

"By manipulating a diverse set of properties, players can decide how they want their spells to behave and interact with other spells," Xaviant explains. "Players choose between ultimate diversity in spell selection, or powerful, but complex, synergies to create new, dynamic effects with a smaller selection of spells."

Check the official website for more information, and enjoy the trailer: