Super Exploding Zoo is new PS4 and Vita game from Hohokum dev

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 25, 2013 11:30am PDT

Honeyslug, developers of Hohokum and Frobisher Says, is continuing their relationship with PlayStation with a new game for PS4 and Vita. Super Exploding Zoo has you defending an egg from aliens by controlling a herd of animals and blowing them up. If Angry Birds has taught us anything, gamers love animal-related violence.

The upcoming game will support Cross-Play between PS4 and Vita when it releases in 2014, and will feature "endless randomly-generated levels."

"Honeyslug is a much loved developer within PlayStation," SCEE's Shahid Ahmad in the announcement. "We've enjoyed a wonderful journey with them over the years. I'm excited about working with them again."

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