Project Reality mod going standalone in free sequel

After a long and happy life as mods for both Battlefield 2 and Arma 2, realistic tactical shooter Project Reality is going standalone. Project Reality 2 is to be a free multiplayer PC game built upon CryEngine 3, but the team's starting small with a focus on infantry combat. "Initially, Project Reality 2 will be a small scale, infantry based FPS with a comprehensive weapon handling system that will aim to be as realistic as possible," the announcement explains. "Map sizes will be 1km and 2km with an Advance and Secure (or 'AAS') style game mode, similar to that seen in the Project Reality: BF2 and Project Reality: ARMA 2 modifications." An FAQ adds, "The idea is for PR2 to be free; however this may change in the light of circumstance or unavoidable realities." The dev team, who are a mix of the mods' makers and new folks, plan to release it in phases, so even if it did become a paid game the early, basic versions would be free. Or that's the plan. No word on when the first will arrive.

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