NBA 2K14 features LeBron James 'Path to Greatness' mode on PS3 and 360

LeBron James is not only the cover athlete for NBA 2K14, but he'll be getting his own game mode as well. For current-gen consoles, Visual Concepts is introducing "Path to Greatness," which lets you explore possible futures for King James.

Polygon reports that the new mode will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of 2K14. If you pick it up on those consoles, you can pick from two career arcs for James with the ultimate goal of winning five more NBA titles to surpass the record set by Michael Jordan.

Those two paths diverge sharply. One has you continue with the Miami Heat, playing one game per season in an attempt to win the championship every year. The other, named "Fantastic Journey," is a much more hypothetical scenario in which several current NBA stars switch teams, older players come out of retirement, and rookies turn into superstars. That one mixes up the roster considerably, and is a lengthier campaign. In both scenarios, James himself provides voice-over to add context to the proceedings.