Dragon Age plot has 'too many loose ends,' says creative director

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third major release in the franchise, and has gained some heavy plot baggage along the way. Creative director Mike Laidlaw explained how important it is to wrap up some of those dangling plot threads even as it introduces new ones to lead toward more sequels.

"Loose ends are a constant problem," Laidlaw told Game Informer. "You have to look at it as an evolving thing. It's like a plant you have to grow--a bonsai tree, essentially, where I want to bring a branch over here but I probably can't have branches to the right as well."

He said to accomplish that, the team regroups after every release and reviews what's been resolved and what's still hanging out there. Right now, though, he thinks the plot has gotten a bit burdened with unresolved questions.

"I think right now the franchise is in a place where there's a few too many loose ends, and that we need to resolve more of them," he said. "We will be introducing new mysteries, that's the joy of having a world where the narrators, the history, the lore books--they're all fundamentally written from the perspective of someone in the world so there are no absolutes. But while we can explore new stuff I think we have a resolution to say, 'well, what is up with red lyrium?' We have some stuff to pay forward but we wrap up the old stuff as we go. As long as you're cleaning up after yourself it works out pretty well."

And he might continue to clean up after himself for a while. He says the series could "theoretically go on forever," since eternal conflicts like human greed and intolerance are ongoing themes for the series.