Dragon Age Keep announced, lets you import story into Inquisition

BioWare has hinted that it will find a way to import your decisions into Dragon Age: Inquisition, even if you're playing on a new platform like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. How exactly it planned to do this was unclear until today, when the studio revealed the "Dragon Age Keep."

The Keep site is bare-bones for now, consisting only of a beta application and a brief FAQ. Eventually, though, the web portal will allow you to customize the world to match your decisions from previous Dragon Age games. Those include hero attributes, companions, and quest results. You will then be able to import all of those attributes into Inquisition when starting a new game. The first round of beta testing will begin in early 2014.

Executive producer Mark Darrah told IGN that the Keep application will be coming to other platforms as well.

BioWare has made similar moves in the past, like introducing an interactive comic when Mass Effect 3 went to Wii U. Keep sounds less focused on delivering a story to the uninitiated, and more like a world editor.