Dungeon of the Endless mixes roguelike and tower defense

One of the most pleasing returnees in this current cycle of retro revivalism is the roguelike, and how pleasant it is seeing what the RPG genre gets smooshed with to make weird roguelikelikes. Endless Space developer Amplitude Studios has bred it with tower defense to make Dungeon of the Endless, revealed for PC during Gamescom.

The game sees a jail space-barge crashing deep into a planet, emerging into caves. Each room you cleanse of monsters becomes a room to fortify and defend, Joystiq explains, to keep nasties away from your power generator--which runs lights scaring off things which go bump in the dark.

It boasts 30 classes, from warriors to engineers, and supports four-player co-op.

The world starts off sci-fi-y, but comes over all fantasy as you get closer to the surface. You see, in a nice bit of tie-in fun, the planet you crash into also hosts Amplitude's newly-announced 4X strategy Endless Legend, which is itself a prequel to Endless Space.

Dungeon of the Endless is due to hit Steam Early Access this year.