Beyond: Two Souls adds touch controls and 'multiplayer'

Beyond: Two Souls is the latest game to join in on the tablet-connected trend. Quantic Dream's adventure can be entirely controlled via a connected touch device. Through the "Beyond Touch" app, players will be able to forgo the DualShock to play through a touch interface. Undoubtedly, this is an attempt to appeal to gamers that are less comfortable with the complicated sticks and buttons of a traditional game controller.

The adventure also adds a makeshift two-player mode. "Dual Mode" will let two players control Jodie and her ghastly pal Aiden separately. The two players won't be playing simultaneously, but will pass control from one another using the triangle button. According to Polygon, the mode was inspired by how often Heavy Rain was played with another person--aka "a puppet master"--in the room.

And "Dual Mode" can be combined with "Beyond Touch," letting both players use any combination of inputs for the adventure. You could have Jodie controlled via DualShock with Aiden on tablet, for example. You could use two DualShock controllers or two tablets, if you wish. Ideally, these features should make it easier for a less-core gaming partner to join in on the adventure.