The Wolf Among Us season begins early October, spans five episodes

Telltale Games' next series shares a lot in common with its Game of the Year-winning adaptation of The Walking Dead. The Wolf Among Us is based on the popular Fables series by Bill Willingham, and stars Bibgy--the Big Bad Wolf himself. Set before the events of the comic, the first season has you investigating the mysterious death of a Fable. Like its predecessor, The Wolf Among Us will be released episodically, with Telltale aiming to release a new episode every month after launch. Like Telltale's previous games, the season has episodes planned. The team is currently aiming for a late September and early October release on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Each episode will be available for $4.99, with Season Pass options available on every platform. And unlike The Walking Dead, even the Xbox 360 version will get a Season Pass as well.

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