Cobalt coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360

Minecraft has been a tremendous success on Xbox 360. So, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Mojang Specifications has jumped into bed with Microsoft one more time to bring their next published game, Cobalt, to Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Released in alpha form on PC over a year ago, the work-in-progress game has you slo-mo fragging about in a 2D landscape. The Xbox versions are being ported by Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 developer Fatshark.

"Since we started developing Cobalt it's been obvious that the game would feel right at home on a console," Pontus Hammarberg said on Mojang's website. "We're working on a hefty single player campaign, but there's nothing quite like experiencing the slow motion ballet of violence that is Cobalt with friends. Yeay!"