Awesomenauts Doting on PlayStation 4

Yes, yes, PlayStation 4 has an eight-core CPU and bags of teraflops and a Share button and everything, but you're not a real platform without a Dote 'em up, are you? Fortunately, Awesomenauts is here to the rescue, as creator Ronimo yesterday announced that its side-scrolling lords management game is coming to PS4.

The announcement says Awesomenauts has sold "close to a million copies" but that'll mostly be on PC, thanks to frequent sales, so consoleers are perhaps unfamiliar with it. In which case, a short recap: it's a team-based multiplayer game, where different classes push into enemy territory supported by AI minions, knocking down defensive towers and invading bases. Over the course of a match, you level up to get new abilities and stuff. It's a Dote 'em up but side-scrolling, yeah?

The PS4 version, ported by Abstraction Games, is based on the shiny up-to-date PC version, which has more maps and characters and whatnot than the stinky old Xbox 360 and PS3 one.