Call of Duty: Ghosts' multiplayer revealed: female soldiers, dynamic maps, and more

In case you missed the live reveal, here's what's new in COD: Ghosts' multiplayer. Plus: the new multiplayer trailer. First up, the game is all about customization. With "Create a Soldier," you can alter your face, headgear, uniform. Activision promises over 20,000 customizations--which should offer plenty of opportunity to sell microtransactions. Perhaps the most notable choice: you'll be able to create female soldiers for the first time.

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There are, as expected, new modes being introduced with Ghosts. "Cranked" is team deathmatch with a timer. And like Speed but with killing--you'll need to keep scoring kills in order to stay alive. This should help do away with pesky campers. "Search & Rescue" combines Search & Destroy, and adds the dog tag-collection element of Kill Confirmed from previous games. You can also create your own bot-powered squads. These bots can play alongside you online and can even be sent to battle online even when you're not around. They can even earn XP while you're not playing. With Ghosts being a cross-gen game, Activision is trying to make the transition from one platform to another as seamless as possible. If you buy the Xbox 360 version of the game and upgrade to the Xbox One version, you'll be able to transfer your progress. In addition, Season Passes ($50) will also transfer from one gen to the next. Once again, if you buy a Season Pass on 360, you'll be able to access the same content on One. Finally, Ghosts will launch alongside a companion app--simply called "Call of Duty App"--that will let you take the Call of Duty Elite experience with you on the go. You'll be able to track stats and edit loadouts. In addition, you'll be able to use the app as a second screen during gameplay. You'll be able to swap loadouts between spawns, edit your squad, and more. It's expected to launch on iOS, Android, and Windows 8, and it will support current and next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. BOOM video 15837