Payday 2 launches with some features missing, to be patched later

Critics like Payday 2. But fans have noticed that the game is missing some features teased in earlier builds. Developer Overkill has promised to add them soon, claiming time constraints prevented their inclusion.

"Cloaker" enemies and safe house customization have both been cited as missing. Cloakers were present in the beta but removed due to a game-breaking glitch, according to the PayDay Wiki, while customizing your safe house was mentioned in a developer diary earlier this month. A message posted to Steam (via Videogamer) addressed the criticisms head-on.

"We will add safehouse customization," it reads. "There are many things we would love to add, but we haven't had time yet. I'm sorry if you expected a ton of customization at release." The Cloakers were cut because they "simply weren't performing their duty" in the game, and will be added "as soon as we are comfortable with the quality." The message also urged fans to "seriously reconsider the way you behave," calling some of the feedback "hurtful" and "toxic."

Game director David Goldfarb recently committed to a year-long DLC roadmap, including female character models as one of the top priorities. Given the feedback, safehouse customization and Cloakers are likely high on the list as well.