Journey and Unfinished Swan bundle makes one game free

Sony has wined, dined, and supported developers to land a pretty stonking lineup of indie games. Journey and The Unfinished Swan, two of last year's big PlayStation 3-exclusive indies, are now available in a $15 downloadable bundle, which essentially means you get one of them free. If you haven't played either, for goodness' sake: buy it, even if only for Journey.

The store listing says that the bundle is "only available for a limited time" so, er, don't dilly-dally on your way there. They usually cost $15 apiece so yes, you save $15.

Our Steve described Journey as "an artful, transcendent game that exemplifies the best qualities of how rich and fulfilling this interactive medium can be" in his review, which sounds pretty good. The Unfinished Swan, well, it's not in the same league but Andrew remarked that "although it may have its shortcomings, it's definitely a game worth experiencing." Good games at a good price.