American McGee cancels OZombie to pursue Alice film rights

American McGee has abandoned the attempt to crowdfund his warped vision of the land of Oz in favor of another project: to secure the film rights to the Alice franchise.

McGee had originally included the film rights as a stretch goal for the OZombie game, as well as some Alice goodies for higher pledge tiers, but funding was slow and it was obvious that goal would not be reached. In announcing the cancellation, McGee said the Alice film rights had to take precedence for crowdfunding, so the Oz project needed to be terminated. He said that, while the decision was difficult, he was being realistic.

"As it is, we've reached 15% of our goal with 20 days left in the campaign. Projections suggest we'll hit 30% of our goal by campaign end," he said, adding that OZombie could be revisited at a later time.

He explained the process to secure the film rights previously when it was a stretch goal: "As with most things in Hollywood, the deal is a little complex. It's structured as a purchase option, which is like 'rent to own.' We pay $100,000 USD to secure the option, which also enables us to make animated shorts based on the Alice property. In order to purchase the license outright and be able to make a feature film we need to pay $500,000 USD in total. The initial payment of $100,000 USD goes towards that final purchase price."

McGee has already released the video for the planned Alice Kickstarter: