NHL '94 revived in retro mode for NHL 14

Weren't the nineties great! With all that nineties music and oh, those nineties clothes we wore! And NHL '94 on the Genesis and SNES. As the nineties become 'retro' cool times which we're definitely not just remembering a handful of highlights from, EA has announced it's bringing back NHL '94 in a new mode for NHL 14. Twenty years. Look how old you are.

The NHL '94 Anniversary Mode takes virtual ice hockey back to a simpler time for video games, when you were young and cool and your hair! What beautiful hair you had!

It strips the controls down to three buttons--Shoot; Pass; and Turbo--and removes troublesome things like 'rules' so you can freely beat seven shades of hell out of your chums. Toss in retro music, celebrations, blue ice, star-shaped player indicators and oh, it's like The Good Old Days.

NHL 14 comes to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 10. Here, watch Anniversary Mode in action and check the announcement for more:

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