Defiance contest to put in-game character in Syfy show

The Syfy show Defiance has been renewed for a second season, which means updates for the game will continue as well. While those TV types prepare and package up a fresh set of episodes, Trion is holding a contest to put an in-game character in the show. Yes, your avatar can enjoy the same fame and adoration as Sharknado.

The "Play the Game. Join the Show." contest has players compete to finish the most Major Arkfall Events before 10 AM PT on July 30. The top ten characters will have their characters fleshed out by the show's writing staff, and fans will then vote on five favorites between August 26 and September 6. Finally, the Defiance team will select one of those five characters to appear on the show in 2014. If you're interested, be sure to register at the official site.

This is similar to the Most Wanted contest of the first season, in which players could appear on a wanted poster in the show. This sounds a bit more substantial, in that the writers are creating a story for the character, but the contest doesn't detail just how much screen time the fan character will get.