Sega claims THQ owes $941,000 for Company of Heroes 2 Steam pre-orders

Sega has filed a claim with the Delaware US Bankruptcy Court, attempting to get revenue from THQ for Company of Heroes 2 Steam pre-orders. In all, the company claims THQ owes it $941,710.93.

The claim (via Eurogamer) notes that the 20,755 pre-orders registered between September 2012 and January 24, 2013 made $1.3 million in revenue, leaving the $941 thousand figure after Valve's 30% cut. Sega also claims that $508,877.85 of that number is entitled to priority, since Valve paid out that much after December 19, 2012--the date that THQ filed for bankruptcy.

This adds to THQ's pile of debt, which already tops $200 million. In January, Sega bought Relic and Company of Heroes for a reported $26 million.