Saints Row 4 to be 'end of that saga,' developer says

The Saints Row series continues to get crazy, going from zombies and missions to Mars in The Third to a Saints president of the United States and an alien invasion in Saints Row 4. So how do you top that? The game's design director says you don't.

"We're definitely considering Saints Row 4 sort of the end of that saga of this character and the Saints as they are," Volition's Scott Phillips told GameReactor (via VG247). "So if there's any more future Saints Rows--which you know we always hope there will be, we hope there's fans for future games like that-–they will probably continue in a different direction."

Phillips said that only after a vacation did the team get a feel for what it wanted to do with the current game after the craziness of The Third. "We came back, started fresh, and very quickly we came up with: 'Well we've got to have ... let's do superpowers,'" he said. "'It's something we've always been talking about. Wouldn't it be great to run as fast as a car, or jump over a building, or be able to pick up somebody with your mind and throw them across the city.' Things started snowballing from there."