Tales of Xillia 2 coming to PS3 in 2014

Although Tales of Xillia has yet to reach American shores, Namco Bandai has announced the sequel is also US-bound. Tales of Xillia 2, released in Japan last year, will be available on PS3 in 2014. The sequel is a direct continuation of the first Xillia game, due next month for us English-speaking players. Set a year after the events of Xillia, the sequel will follow the journey of Ludger Kresnik, "a run-of-the-mill man" who serves as the sequel's new hero. Hideo Baba, producer of the Tales series told the PlayStation.Blog that the main theme for the sequel is "choice" and that the theme will be "deeply engrained" into both the story and gameplay. "Throughout the game the player will have to make decisions for Ludger that will cause the story to branch out in a new direction. In addition to these key decision moments, the idea of choice is also reflected in the new Weapon Swap mechanic while in battle," he explained. Undoubtedly, Namco Bandai will have more to say on the sequel--presumably after its predecessor actually releases. There's also another Tales game for PS3 owners to look forward to: the Tales of Symphonia HD collection.

Tales of Xilia 2