The Walking Dead: 400 Days trailer celebrates DLC launch

With The Walking Dead's DLC episode 400 Days launching today, hitting PS3 first, Telltale has dropped a trailer showing off a little more. You'll never ruddy believe it: 400 days at a truck stop in a zombie apocalypse and it seems humans are once again more trouble than shambling corpses.

400 Days tells five new stories through the eyes of five survivors, spreading across 400 days. That's why it's called 400 days. It's set around the same area as the main game so it'll reflect decisions you made, and choices in the DLC will carry over into Season 2 of TWD too.

The DLC will cost $5. It hits PS3 today, PC on Wednesday, XBLA on Friday, then iOS Thursday next week. You only need to own the first episode to play it, but why would you be interested if you didn't care about the original game enough to play more of the season? Anyway, trailer: