Xbox One Kinect to read QR codes

We've all gotten new games and had to go through the tedious chore of entering a handful of codes for everything from online passes to bonus content. The Xbox One will apparently ease that step, by using Kinect to read QR codes.

It started with a Reddit thread, stating that if the Xbox One was going to require Kinect, it should be able to scan the codes to ease the process. Xbox vice president Marc Whitten subsequently tweeted in reply: "To my reddit friends--yup--this works!"

Obviously, that necessitates publishers actually putting QR codes on their packaging. But assuming they do, it should be a bit easier to jump into new games on Xbox One. Some Kinect games on the Xbox 360, like Dragonball Z, allowed for scanning QR codes, but since Kinect is packed into Xbox One, all games could use the functionality. PlayStation 4 Eye could conceivably offer the feature too, but it's sold separately.