Star Wars: The Old Republic getting Ewok companion in next update

A furry little Ewok from the moon of Endor will be surfacing in the upcoming 2.3 update for Star Wars: the Old Republic as a playable companion. The hitch? You only need 1 million credits to unlock them.

The Ewok will be a female bounty hunter name Treek, according to MMO site Dulfy (via Massively). Players will need to be legacy level 40 to gain access to the character, and if you don't have the cash, Cartel coins purchase option will be available. Treek will have tank and healer stances, with Aim as a primary stat. Both Republic and Empire players will be able to gain the companion, and Dulfy has some videos detailing how it happens. Don't watch, though, if you hate spoilers.

The update is already live on the public test server, adding a new mission hub, two flashpoints, and a new warzone. But the patch notes make no mention of the furry critter as an addition. We have reached out to EA for confirmation.