Gaming tablet Wikipad launches next week

The Android-based gaming tablet Wikipad will begin hitting stores next week. The device has been made smaller and cheaper than its original plans, but the core specs remain the same. A worldwide launch is planned for later this summer.

Joystiq reports that the original plan for a $500, 10-inch tablet was scuttled in favor of a smaller, 7-inch tablet at $249. It also no longer includes a rear-facing camera. It does still sport a detachable controller, quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 16GB of storage, a micro SD card, and HDMI out.

Aside from the Android marketplace, the Wikipad will have access to the PlayStation Mobile library, according to Engadget. The device's status with Gaikai, meanwhile, is unclear. It had planned to offer the streaming games service before Sony purchased it, and representatives have reportedly claimed it is still coming.