Rayman Legends gets confusing console-exclusive pre-order bonuses

Pre-order bonuses don't surprise anyone these days. Even console-specific retailer-exclusive pre-order add-ons are somewhat commonplace. But, there's something quite odd about Rayman Legends. Pre-ordering the game at GameStop will entitle you to get a console-specific bonus costume for use in the game. For example, for Xbox 360, you'll get to see Rayman dressed in a Splinter Cell-themed costume (above). And on PlayStation 3, you'll get Rayman dressed in an Assassin's Creed 4-themed costume. However, on Wii U, you'll get Barbara dressed in an Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation costume--a game that's a Vita exclusive. Perhaps Ubisoft is secretly hinting at a Wii U port of the Vita game (unlikely). However, it seems like Nintendo fans are none too happy about getting exclusive DLC for a game that they can't play on their console--and they've been none too happy about Ubisoft's support for what once used to be a Wii U exclusive.

Hey Wii U fans, enjoy this Vita skin!