Batman: Arkham Origins devs cut snowstorm combat, robotic drones

We've heard a lot about what Batman: Arkham Origins will have: Deathstroke, Black Mask, and a stronger emphasis on teaching the player. But what about what it won't have? WB Montreal detailed a few of its original ideas that didn't make the cut.

The developer told the UK's GamesMaster magazine (via OXM) that the game was originally going to include a "storm indicator" that would allow Batman to make tactical advantage of heavy snowstorms, since the game is set against the bitter cold of Christmas Eve. But, they decided it hurt the combat flow, so they cut it. They also thought about including a robot drone that would hunt Batman during his predator sequences, but decided those points were better left out to let the player feel empowered.

The game is said to play like Arkham City, so whatever changes do come won't be so extreme as to override the feeling of the previous games. It will, however, overhaul the Detective Mode and progression trees.