Poker Night 2 on PC, XBLA this week, PSN next week

You know how a night of poker goes. You get together with some buddies, have a few drinks, and before you know it you're using your pets as collateral. These things sneak up on you. The same is true at the Inventory, as Poker Night 2 is going to start dealing cards this week.

A pair of tweets from Telltale (via Joystiq) announced the dates. The game will come first to Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, followed by the PC and Mac version through Steam on Friday. Finally, the game will hit the PlayStation Network next Tuesday, April 30.

As previously reported, this game will add Claptrap from Borderlands, Brock Samson from Venture Bros, Sam from Sam & Max, and Ash Williams from Army of Darkness, with GLaDOS acting as dealer and Mad Moxxi tending bar. Playing the game will let you unlock items in Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2.