Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta test this weekend

Pack your parachute and grab your grappling gun, as the fantastic mod adding multiplayer to open-world chaos 'em up Just Cause 2 is holding another open beta test this weekend. Yes, you and dozens of other Rico Rodriguezs can be leaping, shooting, racing, flying, and stunting all over the place in ridiculous ways, because video games are amazing.

The test will start at 1am Pacific on Saturday and run for 48 hours. You can't download the client in advance, but you will need an account registered on the official site so go and do that now.

The latest version being test introduces a new launcher and brings heaps of fixes, so check out the changelog. And yes, naughty pirates will finally need to own the game on Steam.

Here's an old trailer back from before the team even added shooting guns on the ground, but gosh, didn't it already look splendid fun? (There are no newer official trailers, and a quick look for recent fan-made videos unearthed horrors of dubstep and boys screaming into microphones.)