Dust 514 'Uprising' bringing major skill overhauls in May

Dust 514's "Uprising" update is coming on May 6. The update is going to rejigger all of the existing skills systems in major ways, and as such CCP has decided that it's going to roll back all existing skill points and in-game currency so fans can re-spec as they wish.

A post on the PlayStation.Blog details the changes coming to Uprising. The new system removes secondary and tertiary requirements from skills, which removes the need for multiple prerequisites. Skill trees will still have a linear progression and requirements, but the new system is much simpler. The game is also getting rebalancing changes, so some items will have changed attributes or color schemes.

The blog promises much more to come in Uprising, including extra upgrades, advances, and balances. Those will be detailed as we approach. And, it's worth noting, since Dust 514 relies on a currency that fluctuates with a complicated in-game market, the refund value for your in-game currency will be based on the market value as of the time of the re-spec.