Metro: Last Light trailer teaches post-apocalyptic survival

Pop quiz, hotshot. You're dropped into the subways of post-apocalyptic Moscow where humanity cowers in the wake of nuclear war. What do you do? Once you've collected yourself and stopped rocking in a ball on the floor, that is. If you follow the survival guide in the new Metro: Last Light trailer series, you might just have a chance. You'll probably still be eaten by mutants or shot by men, though.

The first of three, the trailer gives a broad overview of the world of Metro, tunnel life, politics, wars, radiation, traps, and honking great mutants. It's a fair primer on what Metro 2033 introduced, but still has pretty gameplay snippets for people who played that and already know it all.

Metro: Last Light surfaces on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 14, having been pushed back a little during its transition from THQ to new publisher Deep Silver.

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