Farming Simulator sprouts on consoles in September

It can be nerve-wracking, waiting for an exciting series to finally come to your preferred platform. What if it's a shoddy port? Will the controls work? And if it's delayed by months, that's even more worrying. Be strong, gentle player: this one's worth the wait. Farming Simulator will finally arrive on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September, complete with a console-exclusive American farm and extra vehicles. Giants Software's very first console entry in the series is an adaptation of Farming Simulator 2013, which launched on PC in October 2012. It was supposed to trundle on over to consoles in the first quarter of 2013, but publisher Focus Home today announced it won't arrive until "the first week of September," so most probably September 3. But as I said, relax. Be cool. The console edition is no quick port. It'll have twice as much farming space as the PC game, thanks to that additional American-inspired farm and its large fields. And a somewhat out-of-place Fodero Dining Car Company diner, the first screenshots reveal. It'll also feature exclusive vehicles from legendary manufactures including Case IH, Lizard, Ursus, Kramer and Horsch. "But who on Earth plays these weird simulators?" you may snort, you vile cynic. Lots of people, you horrible oik, especially in Eastern Europe and other developing areas. The two main groups of players are children enamoured with large machinery and men aged 35+ who long for the freedom of the open road, Bus Driver and Euro Truck Simulator developer SCS Software recently said.

The first console screenshots you've waited so long for