Minecraft horses teased as PC sales pass 10 million

Minecraft, you may have heard, is pretty popular. In January 2011, while the game was still in beta, it passed 1 million sales. Two and a bit years later, the PC edition has now hit the 10 million sales mark. Gosh, that's a big round number. The Xbox 360 edition recently passed 6 million too, while the mobile version has sold at least 7 million.

Mojang's Jens Bergensten pointed out the latest sales milestone on Twitter. He also dropped "a subtle hint on the main 1.6 feature" by linking to a picture of a horse. Subtle.

The Xbox 360 version passed that 6 million mark only last week. And the Pocket Edition, well, we don't have new numbers but it's surely doing stonkingly. As of January 22, it had sold 7.3 million copies. That figure has probably jumped at least a million or two in the last few months.

Speaking of updates, the XBLA version will receive Update 9 this week.