How boss battles have changed in Deus Ex: Human Revolution 'Director's Cut'

The upcoming "Director's Cut" version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Wii U promises to fix one of the weakest aspects of the original game: the boss fights. Responding to fan complaints, producer David Anfossi said that, if he could do it all over again, wouldn't remove the boss sequences, but he would do them correctly. "I'm pretty sure that now we have the knowledge to do it correctly," he said back then.

Well, that's exactly what they're planning on doing.

"The boss fights are now as they should have been," Emile Pedneault, game designer on the Director's Cut told Joystiq. "We took them and completely rebuilt them."

As Anfossi previously promised, the bosses aren't being removed from the game "because of the story telling," which requires these confrontations to happen. However, Pedneault explains that "we tweaked their AI and we've added tons of ways to deal with them. You can deal with a boss fight in a stealth way, you can deal with a boss fight in a hacking way." Joystiq saw a revised level that introduced new corridors for stealth attacks, turrets for hacking, and more.

Most promisingly, Pedneault says that you can actually defeat bosses "without firing a single bullet," making Human Revolution's bosses better reflect the Deus Ex DNA.