Sniper Elite 3 aiming at 2014

If you enjoy watching bullets tear through the internal organs of Nazis in slow motion, good news! Sniper Elite 3 is in the works for release on PC, current consoles, and next-gen gameboxes in 2014, publisher 505 Games announced today. While last year's Sniper Elite V2 was Rebellion remaking the original snipe 'em up, this time it's a proper shiny new game, going a bit more sandbox-y.

Rebellion wants to make Sniper Elite 3 "more of a sandbox game" and "build on the awesome X-Ray Kill Cam," CEO Jason Kingsley said in today's announcement. "We've got some great ideas to improve on what we did before and feedback from fans has been invaluable."

SE3 still revolves around Karl Fairburne shooting men in the face from a distance during World War II, and the little "Afrika" in its logo would suggest that, you know, he's visiting Africa.

PC is the only platform formally confirmed so far, though it's likely that it'll follow Sniper Elite V2's trail and release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 too. A Wii U version of V2 is coming this summer, so we'll have to see if that does well enough to warrant a release of 3 too. Beyond that, the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's mysterious new console seem safe bets.

Rebellion released a standalone co-op zombie-hunting version of Sniper Elite only last month.