Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gets microtransactions; Nuketown 2025 free on Xbox 360

So you've bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for $60 and paid $50 for the map packs for but you still want to spend more money on it, what do you do? This being the Internet, you pay $2 to wrap guns in bacon. From today, Activision is rolling out microtransactions for little bits and pieces in Cod Blops 2, including extra slots and storage space and cosmetic items like extra Calling Cards and, yes, bacon skins for weapons.

Microtransactions will hit the Xbox 360 edition today then come to other platforms later, Activision's official blogger Dan Amrich explained.

$2 (160 Microsoft Points) will get you a Personalization Pack, which includes a new weapon camo, three reticles, and a Calling Card (backgrounds for playercards). This is where the bacon comes in. For $1, you can buy a pack of national flag Calling Cards.

One microtransaction with an actual practical use is the $2 Extra Slots Pack, which gives your account another ten Create-a-Class slots and space for another 20 emblems, 32 more films, and 40 more screenshots.

It's not all pay pay pay, mind. Treyarch is opening up Nuketown 2025 for everyone, after yonks as a bonus for pre-ordering or buying a fancy edition of Cod Blops 2. Though you can now pay $5 for access to its undead incarnation as Nuketown Zombies.

As microtransactions go, it all seems quite fair and reasonable. If you want these perks, pay for them. If you don't, hey, don't pay. They convey no in-game advantage but offer some handy account features, so it's all good and well and there's no need for anyone to get upset.

Activision will have word later on when these will spread to other platforms.