Madden NFL 25 cover vote begins

EA Sports' terribly-named Madden NFL 25 is named that way because it celebrates the 25th anniversary of the the long-running franchise. To commemorate that occasion, EA Sports will have fans pick this year's cover athlete between up and coming stars and old-school favorites. For the sake of the Madden Curse, let's hope that a retired player manages to take home the cover.

Voting begins today on, and will continue until the winner is revealed on April 24th, just in time for the NFL Draft. You can choose from Joe Montana, Barry Sanders, Ray Lewis, Jerry Rice, and more in the "old-school" bracket. A whole bunch of young whippersnappers represent the "new-school" options.

This year's oddly-named game will feature the star of your choosing on August 27th for Xbox 360 and PS3.