Weekend Confirmed 155 - SimCity, Dark Souls

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 08, 2013 11:00am PST

Garnett Lee is joined by Andrew Yoon and TRS' Dan Trachtenberg. Jeff Cannata is AWOL, presumably because he's still waiting to join a SimCity server. Dan kicks things off with yet another loving tribute to perennial show-favorite, Dark Souls. Listen as he tries to convince Garnett that From Software's hack 'n slasher is, somehow, just like a racing game. But, Garnett counters with Real Racing 3--a racing game so real, it says so in the title. What does EA's freemium game mean for the future of the industry? Finally, we talk about SimCity eventually, but you'll have to wait at least an hour or so before that talk begins. But, you're used to that, right?

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 155: 3/8/2013

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  • First, I have not backed ANY kickstarters (yet) ...

    But I think InExile comments are totally out of line. They would not be able to get money from a publisher for an isometric RPG. They can't use their "Wasteland 2" money on other games (at least not supposed to) - so their is no money in the pipeline yet. According to them their design team is pretty well finished with Wasteland and needs something to do. You to have a point about "hunted" - but that is a totally different style of game and thats probably all they could get money from the publishers for.

    The Awakened kickstarter did nothing for me - I remember lots of sites talking about how great it was - and I remember looking it up. And I remember thinking sounds cool, but lacked focus and did not grab me.

    I am also deeply concerned about kickstarter in more of a general way - its because the consumers are taking the financial risks Also you have people with plenty of money (probably) not taking the financial risk themselves Garriot and Molyneaux spring to mind. On the other hand it has become a form a advertising as well so maybe its necessary.