Weekend Confirmed 155 - SimCity, Dark Souls

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 08, 2013 11:00am PST

Garnett Lee is joined by Andrew Yoon and TRS' Dan Trachtenberg. Jeff Cannata is AWOL, presumably because he's still waiting to join a SimCity server. Dan kicks things off with yet another loving tribute to perennial show-favorite, Dark Souls. Listen as he tries to convince Garnett that From Software's hack 'n slasher is, somehow, just like a racing game. But, Garnett counters with Real Racing 3--a racing game so real, it says so in the title. What does EA's freemium game mean for the future of the industry? Finally, we talk about SimCity eventually, but you'll have to wait at least an hour or so before that talk begins. But, you're used to that, right?

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 155: 3/8/2013

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  • About the Kickstarter stuff:
    Torment seems really interesting. I've been reading stuff on the Numenera website and that world sounds really cool. The idea of a bunch of the same creative people who did Planescape (I always hear how great it was) making a story driven game in a new setting seems really interesting.

    I'm not sure why it upset Garnett that they were invoking Planescape but not making a sequel or something in the same world. To me it's seems basically analogous to Bioshock infinite. Bioshock Infinite is, as far as anyone knows, completely unrelated to Bioshock, but it's design sensibilities, overarching story ideas, and creative team are all the same so they're using the same name. In a way, Warhammer and Warhammer 40k fit that model too.

    I also feel like the sentiment that "These guys don't need to be on Kickstarter, why are they getting a bunch of money when other more deserving projects aren't?" is misplaced.

    In my opinion, if anybody can create something (and create it exactly the way they want to) because people are willing to put their money on the table and say, "I want you to make that thing", then that's great for them. Torment is doing great because they want to make something that people want to buy and because people have the confidence that they can do it.

    Finally, the comparison to Awakened. First of all, if Awakened's Kickstarter failed, it's not because "Kickstarter is broken". It's because they didn't show people something they wanted, or because the people who would have wanted what they were making didn't find out about it. I never heard Awakened discussed on Weekend Confirmed before it was over, but I did hear about Torment.

    Besides that, when I looked at the Awakened project page, I saw a bunch of interesting ideas but I didn't see a game. Just a really cool character builder and the idea that you would do some kind of something with that character. For me the heavily game design, story, and setting focused pitch for Torment actually gives me more confidence that I'll see an actual game come out of it than Awakening's "We have really cool toys and hopefully players or us or someone will give you something to do with them".

    Overall, let each Kickstarter project stand on it's own merits. Don't bash the system if one things succeeds and another fails. It's really cool that creators are able to connect directly to the people who want to play their game and enter development with the confidence that the game has already paid for itself right out of the gate (which has the side effect of hopefully deterring bad microtransactions). If a project you care about is dying, fight for it, convince me that I should pitch in. It's a shame when a cool project doesn't get funded, but don't bash another project for being successful.

    Disclaimer: I have never played Planescape: Torment. I have not backed the Torment Kickstarter (I'm still thinking about it). I did back the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter.

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