Assassin's Creed 4 set for October 29, next-gen consoles confirmed

Assassin's Creed 4 has been officially (if reluctantly) confirmed by Ubisoft, but the Internet isn't quite done plundering nuggets of information about the game. A bit of simple digital trickery fooled the teaser site into giving away a few details before its time: an October 29 release date and a few more platforms.

DarkZero (via Joystiq) noticed that adding a letter to the end of the URL teaser site bypassed the countdown clock and went straight to the premiere trailer. The trailer hadn't been put up, and Ubisoft seems to have removed the words now, but the information is out.

In addition to a the release date, the site also mentioned that the game is coming to "next-gen consoles." That would be the newly-announced PlayStation 4 and presumably whatever Microsoft has cooking, which is unsurprising given Ubisoft's general tendency to jump on new platforms.

After two rounds of the Internet outing game details, the trailer set to debut next week is running out of surprises. Let's just hope that the new protagonist's ship isn't this leaky. Arr.