Ghost Recon Online gets Assassin's Creed themed items

Ubisoft must have caught wind of Valve's constant use of Team Fortress 2 clothes to cross-promote other games. The company has announced that you can now play dress up as characters from the Assassin's Creed series in Ghost Recon Online.

You'll be able to get a futuristic take on the iconic Assassin's Creed hood and four body variants, or six powerful weapons used by Abstergo security agents: the F2000 SP AC, Fiveseven AC, MG36 KV AC, P90 C AC, Sentinel SR-1 AC, and Pentagun SP AC. You can buy both item types with Requisition Points or Ghost Coins, and the items are bundled with a 15% discount and an in-game avatar. They'll be available through March 1.

The items are made to promote the King Washington downloadable content that's set to launch its first episode next week. Two more episodes will follow, on March 19 and then April 23, respectively.