Weekend Confirmed 151 - Sly Cooper, Dead Space 3, MMO's,

By Jeff Mattas, Feb 08, 2013 11:00am PST

Garnett Lee is away at DICE this week, but never fear! Jeff Cannata, Jeff Mattas, Andrew Yoon, and Alex Albrecht convene for this week's spirited episode of Weekend Confirmed. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time gets a glowing recommendation from Andrew, Mattas talks about his experience playing through Dead Space 3 twice in one week, and Alex opines about a big crop of past and present MMORPG's. Cannata also shares his very impressive, hands-on experience with Google Fiber, and an extra-strength dose of Finishing Moves puts the wrapping on this week's show.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 151: 2/8/2013

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  • I think if you want to make the "boring" parts of MMOs more rewarding, developers have to create tool sets that have actual depth. This is basically what Gabe Newell talked about this week with "player productivity." He even invoked Photoshop as a "free to play game," and suggested creating a 3D modeling RPG. So I mean, if you want players to be an armor maker or whatever in an MMO, you have to give them the richness of a software program like Photoshop---so that they're not just sort of leveling up the gameplay value of the armor, but getting to apply their own aesthetic and so forth.

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    • So to build on this idea, I think there's a direct link between the phenomenon of user generated content and the goal to make non-combat classes in MMOs richer, deeper, and actually popular among players. And I think an unconventional example of this is actually the Playstation Vita version of Little Big Planet. I've heard more than one critic refer to LBP Vita as the definitive version of the game because the touch interface lends itself so well to the creation aspect of the game.
      And of course one of Gabe Newell's central notions about bringing Steam to HDTVs, is figuring out an interface that will create parity with mouse and keyboard. So that said, perhaps what MMOs might benefit from is use of tablet platforms that will combine a touch screen interface with apps dedicated towards crafting. Like maybe in the future you download your "World of Warcraft Blacksmith App" for Android, and that's what opens up a lot of that aspect of the gameplay.
      I think this kind of thing is also the key to unlocking the appeal of something like Playstation Home. Like when Home of unveiled in theory it seemed so great and innovative, but I think what happened is that they hadn't figured out the tools to customization. Like half the fun of The Sims back in the day was the creative outlet in building your house. The actual game-game part, like earnestly making your Sim succeed at life, was sort of stressful and irritating.