Weekend Confirmed 151 - Sly Cooper, Dead Space 3, MMO's,

By Jeff Mattas, Feb 08, 2013 11:00am PST

Garnett Lee is away at DICE this week, but never fear! Jeff Cannata, Jeff Mattas, Andrew Yoon, and Alex Albrecht convene for this week's spirited episode of Weekend Confirmed. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time gets a glowing recommendation from Andrew, Mattas talks about his experience playing through Dead Space 3 twice in one week, and Alex opines about a big crop of past and present MMORPG's. Cannata also shares his very impressive, hands-on experience with Google Fiber, and an extra-strength dose of Finishing Moves puts the wrapping on this week's show.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 151: 2/8/2013

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  • @jeffcannata So I totally understand about certain games and their pedigree. There are certain companies and franchises that I'll buy without question. Ace combat being primarily among them. Ace combat 3 electrosphere? Sold. Shattered skies? Fuck yeah! Unsung war? Hot damn! The Belkan war? Belkan is a stupid fucking name for a country but fuck it I'm buying it! Then assault horizon came along. I have never played a game for 10 minutes and took it back to the store before. And I've played battle toad battlemaniacs which is by far the most shit eating ,frustrating, ruin your fucking controller game out there followed closely by ninja " holy fuck is this game for real"? Gaiden. After ace combat went and tapped their inner Jerry bruckheimer I kind of said fuck it. Plus the fact It wouldn't let me roll the fucking airplane kind of set the tone for that particular gaming experience. Will I still by ace combat? Maybe. They have earned the right to fuck up at least once. But I swear if those fucks go all flying dove on me I'm walking the fuck away forever.

  • Comparisons to Apple TV are freaking stupid! For one, Apple TV is not even remotely as successful as current gen consoles (or alternative smart tv options for that matter)... all of which already provide the same functionality as Apple TV.

    Apple TV is not doing anything innovative. All smart tv's from vendors such as Samsung and LG have the same services built into them already. The need to name drop the service like 30 times only signals the fact that you are one of the Apple brainwashed idiots that think everything Apple does is praiseworthy. Apple TV isn't opening the door for shit... they're just doing more of what has already been done. I'm glad that you're enjoying you're obviously enjoying your purchase... but it was highly irrelevant to the discussion on consoles b/c both Sony and Microsoft already provide the same services that are available through Apple TV.... and to a MUCH wider audience.

    Hell, even Google TV is leagues better than Apple TV with the search/voice search features... plus the ability to interact with live programming and not just online content.

    And still... my preferred venu for online services would be my console if it were as easy to control as Google TV (no need for remotes or controllers). The only major advantage of services like Google TV or Apple TV is the ability to stream content directly from our tablets or smartphones. Sony could technically allow streaming from all Android devices, as they likely will from their Xperia line of phones. But if either Sony or Microsoft limit this feature to their own branded devices, that would be the only real weakness of their service compared to Google or Apple.

  • I didn't try the Dead Space Coop just yet but I have an interesting idea for the next game. They should add internal voice chat like in BF3 etc. But when you play coop it would sometimes screw up your voice or mix strange stuff in there. But only one of the players can hear it. So he'll be like what the fuck is that noise and the other is like I don't hear anything. Or sometimes the signal would break up and you wouldn't hear anything from your partner. Or maybe you would just here strange noises or scream over the voice channel. Wouldn't that be awesome?

  • Good evening ladies and gentlemen (GMT),

    I'd just like to thank all the weekend confirmed team for helping me get through a stressful time at work. I’m an structural design engineer in the aerospace industry and we’re currently having a crunch time on the AW189, without you I'm not sure how I'd keep my sanity!

    It occurs to me that the publishers in this industry are so caught up in backing what they imagine to be more secure investments that they are strangling the life out of the mainstream market. By throwing all of their funds into the 3rd, 4th and 5th instalments of IP’s, which are more likely to bank a profit, and neglecting to take a punt on any original ideas they are losing control of any evolution within the industry.

    The majority of new ideas seem to be coming from the indie scene, where people are making games for the love of it rather than being driven by potential revenue.
    It’s great that there is a way for people with a unique vision to express themselves in this industry but unless developers start freeing some of their funds to back some more original ideas people are going to get bored of the same old generic AAA releases.

    If indie developers can succeed using Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight or another community format, not to mention the iOS and Android marketplaces, why would they ever choose to work in a more restrictive corporate environment?

    I hate to compare the movie industry, but…
    As with summer blockbusters, there’s always room for a big budget, no brainer, action title but the mainstream industry is so focused on pushing out more and more Independence Day’s that we’ll never get a Citizen Kane.

    I hope the next round of consoles does something to reinvigorate the market because, although many will be comfortable playing yet another ‘same old’ shooter I personally am starting to find it a little predictable.

    I hope the major developers don’t end up getting so wasted at the shareholders party they wake to find that somebody has screwed the pooch while they were unconscious.

    Anyway, I’d love it if you all get a chance to discuss this during your next show, keep up the great work.