Origin Mac client now available

Origin seems to have few fans fighting in its corner, but surely everyone can be glad that the Mac is being taken more seriously as a gaming platform. Electronic Arts today launched the Mac client for its digital distribution platform with 45 Mac titles from EA and other publishers, some of which are automatically given to users who own the Windows edition.

The Sims series makes up the bulk of Origin's Mac launch lineup: 23 of the 45 titles (some of which are bundles). As Origin hasn't signed many other publishers or indie developers, it's honestly a pretty weak lineup, especially compared to rival Steam's throbbing Mac catalog. Steam's had a lot longer to build that up, of course, but the present reality is more important to users than underlying reasons.

"Select" EA games will give both the Windows and Mac editions if owned on Origin, but there's no word on whether any third-party publishers will offer this too.

Download the Mac client over here.

While this is hardly the most inspiring launch, EA is starting to do more for Mac. DICE is building a team for a Mac edition of its Frostbite engine, which is used in a wide range of EA games including Battlefield 3, Dragon Age III, Command & Conquer, and Need for Speed: The Run.