Torchlight 2 'Synergies' mod adds new class, bosses

By Steve Watts, Jan 28, 2013 4:30pm PST

If you've somehow run out of things to do in Torchlight 2, a hefty mod might be just the thing to brighten your spirits. The "Synergies" mod adds a new class, some new bosses, and a series of "raid like dungeon chains."

The mod (via PC Gamer) adds the "Necromancer" class, which combines aspects of the Emermage and Outlander, and adds a massive "Skull Barrage" attack. You can use this powerful ability to take on the end-game content, which Synergies makes more difficult with the addition of tougher bosses and overworld maps, with more armor sets as rewards.

Future versions of the mod plan to add a Paladin class, an "Incognito" armor set, more quests and world bosses, and another PVP dungeon. It's pretty ambitious, and might just hold you over until Runic adds official expansions.

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