Dead Space 3 launch trailer unleashes Phil Collins

The 'Take Down the Terror' title of Dead Space 3's launch trailer feels like a misnomer at first. It's not even scary, for one thing, let alone terrifying. But then the background music coalesces, stirs, and rises, and it hits you like a ravenous reanimated corpse: you've been listening to Phil Collins. We'll have nightmares for weeks, EA.

It's the latest metafictional scare from Dead Space 3, with past chills including reports that the PC edition is a straight port and optional microtransactions for crafting materials to appeal to mobile gamers. Expand the horror beyond the game, yeah? I see what you're doing there, EA. Clever.

Still, don't be put off by my naysaying. Kat Bailey enjoyed what she saw of Dead Space 3 in our December preview.

Dead Space 3 is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 5. A demo is out now on consoles so you can judge the levels of horror, terror, and Phil Collins for yourself.

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