Weekend Confirmed 149 - Nintendo Direct, Strike Suit Zero, The Cave, THQ death-rattles

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 25, 2013 11:00am PST

On this week's episode of Weekend Confirmed, Garnett and the two Jeffs are joined by indie developer Brendon Chung of Blendo Games (Flotilla, Gravity Bone, Thirty Flights of Loving, Atom Zombie Smasher). With Nintendo Direct in the rearview, the crew breaks down the resulting news and announcements, followed by some gaming talk about a host of games ranging from the Far Cry series to the more recently-released indies Strike Suit Zero and The Cave. Some talk about the end of publisher THQ and the sale of its studios and IPs is unavoidable, before things get wrapped up with another batch of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 149: 1/25/2013

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  • Regarding games causing violent behaviour.

    I absolutely think it's possible. I think any artistic medium can evoke powerful reactions. We are emotional beings and we are unable to consume media from a totally disconnected position. Like a sponge, we absorb a little bit of everything we come in contact with. To suggest anything else undermines the entire medium.

    We can't have our cake and eat it too. We want to believe video games can make is laugh and cry and feel powerful emotions, so why can't anger or violence be one of them? I really believe the interactive power of video games makes it am extremely potent medium. Through video games, my mildly autistic son has made leaps amd bounds in his writing through spelling games and my wife has kept fit through Kinect, I have had a glimpse of the horror of World War 2. Games have made me happy, depressed, educated and they've made me search my soul. They've even helped me forge life long friendships on the digital battlefield. We want to shout from the rooftops the positive ways in which video games have spilled over from the TV to our real lives, and we simultaneously want to deny the opposite of that occurring.

    I don't think games cause school shootings. I don't think COD can make someone an efficient killer any more than Guitar Hero can make someone a musician. If video games cause massacres then, by the millions of copies of COD sold alone, our world surely would have torn itself apart with gun violence. They're just a gateway into other realms. They're not powerless to inspire anger or violence, on the contrary I think they're quite potent. And I also think that like books or movies, they're an extremely healthy way of exploring the human soul.

    Video games can make us feel a plethora of powerful expressions, and that's a good thing.

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    • Because the Human brain is a powerful thing.

      Anger is possible because it is something you are putting time into and everything doesn't line up with everyones sensibilities / tastes.

      But the proof is back when the original Modern Warfare came out there was an episode of GFW radio where they were talking about the AC130 level of that game and how if you look for it on youtube you can find footage of real military actions in which that design was taken from and one will twist your stomach into knots and the other will not.

      The brain knows, which is why violent media doesn`t cause anything it just amplifies a preexisting issue.