Late Night Computing: January 18, 2013

Late Night Computing for Friday, January 18, 2013 is jumping to the alternate universe where Shacknews is still known as Shugashack.

And it's Friday! This week took forever, mostly because I was anticipating tonight. Why? The series finale of Fringe. It's been a somewhat lousy season, but based on the previews it looks like they saved the entire budget for this one singular episode. Will there be a happy ending? Maybe, maybe not. I'm just glad we finally get to see the alternate universe again. Too bad the show was centered around Peter and Olivia. I'd love to have an entire season on the adventures of Lincoln Lee and the alternate Fringe Division.

News bits:

  • Popular Science looks at why Boeing's 787 Dreamliner can't seem to stay in the sky without catching on fire. [via PopSci]

  • TimeWarner has a beef with Netflix over its requirements for Super HD and 3D streaming. [via ArsTechnica]

  • Apple is hiring snarky writers to improve Siri. Alice, I found your true calling! [via BetaBeat]

  • Should we treat violence the same as infectious diseases? Some scientists believe so, as discussed in "The Contagion of Violence" report filed in October. [via Wired]

  • Sony shows off its new Crystal LED technology with a 55-inch high-definition television, and it looks stunning. [via PCWorld]

Chatty posts of the moment:

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  • "What are some games with game-breaking bugs or design decisions? Today I was thinking that it would be nice to have a compilation of all the ways you or a bug/glitch can prevent or impair a game's completion. This way we can help our fellow Shackers have optimal gaming experiences and promote a stronger sense of camaraderie." [by The Grolar Bear]

  • "Deus Ex Human Revolution sucks. As a huge fan of the original Deus Ex (I claim it to be one of the best PC games ever made), and even a huge fan of the second Deus Ex, I'm a bit let down by Human Revolution." [by oranginator]

Nightly file:

    Neotokyo mod for Half-Life 2. "NEOTOKYO┬░ is a first person shooter that aims to provide a visceral & realistic combat experience in a rich futuristic setting. NEOTOKYO┬░ takes place in and around a fictionalized Tokyo approximately 30 years in the future. Mankind has begun to fuse with technology. Government and corporate corruption have transformed Tokyo into a deadly dystopian nightmare. After a near-successful military coup by ranking members of Jinrai, the National Security Force (NSF) is formed - answering directly to the Prime Minister, it's mission is to investigate and eliminate all threats to Japan, both abroad and at home. The initial core of the NSF is made from an exodus from within the intelligence branch of the military. With this betrayal begins the war in the shadows between the NSF and Jinrai." Download the full mod for Half-Life 2for Windows here, or the patch here.


Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel It Takes Two trailer:

It Takes Two to tangle in the new Army of Two: Devil's Cartel trailer.

BOOM video 14524

Mike Pondsmith discusses the world of Cyberpunk 2077 in a new developer diary, Might & Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness teases its pre-order bonuses, along with a ton of new screenshots for Simcity, new screenshots for Total War: Rome II, and new screenshots for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

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