'Kevin Butler' actor settles suit with Sony

Actor Jerry Lambert, who played Kevin Butler in a popular run of PlayStation advertisements, has settled the breach of contract suit brought against him by Sony for appearing in a Bridgestone tires ad that promoted the Wii. Per the terms of the settlement, you won't see Lambert promoting anything video game related for a few years.

MediaPost (via Gamasutra) reports that Lambert acknowledged that he created confusion among some customers. As a result, he's agreed not to appear in any ad or promotion that mentions "any other video game or computer entertainment system or video game company" for two years. Once those two years are up, Lambert will spend two more years giving Sony notice of any video game commercials so it can assess whether it violates Sony's right to the Kevin Butler character.

Lambert is still able to portray the "Kevin Butler" character, with Sony's permission. Sony hasn't been using the character since the lawsuit started, so it's unknown if the company would be receptive to starting the campaign again.